Is this training program right for you?

This training program is for you, if any one or all of the following apply to you:

  • You are struggling to understand your web analytics reports

  • You are struggling to understand your true customers purchase journey

  • You are struggling to determine the most effective marketing channels for investment

  • You are running A/B tests after A/B tests but it is not resulting in any ‘real lift’ in sales and other conversions

  • You are losing money in advertising because you don’t know what is working and not working in your marketing and where to invest time and money.

  • Your client/boss is not happy with your performance because you are having a hard time proving the ROI of your marketing/optimization efforts

  • You are not able to get your recommendations implemented in a timely manner because your client/boss doesn’t listen to you

  • You do not have a strategic road map or well defined goals, strategies and KPIs in place for your business

  • Your lack of knowledge and skills are hindering your ability to grow in your business/career.

  • You want a head start in your career / business and learn to avoid even those mistakes which are others are destined to make for the foreseeable future


Upon completion of this online course you will be able to:

  • Increase your website sales and ROI by leveraging the knowledge of web analytics

  • Understand your web analytics reports and do a very focused and meaningful analysis from the very start

  • Master all of the elements that go into extracting insight from data and understand the maths and stats behind web analytics and conversion optimization

  • Develop a true understanding of your customers’ purchase journey

  • Run A/B tests and can expect ‘real lift’ in sales and other conversions

  • Prove the ROI of your marketing/optimization efforts to your clients/boss

  • Set up well defined goals, strategies and KPIs for your business

  • Create a strategic roadmap for your business

  • Learn and master Google Analytics

Digital Analytics Implementation Program is made up of following three courses:

Sales & ROI Accelerator Curriculum

The ‘Sales & ROI Accelerator’ course is designed to help you quickly increase your website sales and ROI in a short period of time. 

Here the focus is on creating a strategic road-map for your business and on setting up goals, strategies, KPIs and funnels. 

There is less focus on teaching you Google Analytics and the maths & stats behind digital analytics and conversion optimization.


Module-1: Foundation Fortunes

Module-2: The PERFECT Website Audit

Module-3: The PERFECT Analytics Audit

Module-4: Data Analysis & Reporting 101

Module-5: Understanding Customers Purchase Journey

Module-6: Setting up Goals, Strategies and KPIs

Module-7: Building Value ladder and Funnels 

Module-8: Funnel Optimization for Conversions and ROI.

Google Analytics Mastery Curriculum

The ‘Google Analytics Mastery’ course is designed to help you get the most out of Google Analytics. Here the focus is on learning and using Google Analytics. This course teaches only Google Analytics.


>> Google Analytics Foundation (Basics, Account Structure, Hits, Sessions, Source, Medium, URL tagging…)

>> Google Analytics Jump start (Cookies, Client ID, Users, Dimensions, Metrics, User ID, Marketing Channels…)

>> Google Analytics Acceleration Zone (Session & Conversion Attribution, Campaign Attribution, Channel grouping, Session Quality…)

>> Mastering Google Analytics Admin (Account Settings, Property Settings, View Settings, Cross Device Reports, Referral exclusion, Audience, Data Import…)

>> Becoming Expert E-commerce Analyst (Shopping Behavior analysis, Checkout funnel analysis, Advanced Analysis in 360, ....)

>> Attribution Modelling (cross-channel attribution, cross-device attribution, online-offline attribution, hybrid attribution, attribution models, creating custom models…) 

Data, Maths & Stats Mastery Curriculum

The ‘Data, Maths and Stats Mastery’ course is designed to help you learn the maths and statistics behind digital analytics and conversion optimization in great detail. So that you can correctly interpret data and make data smart business decisions.


Lesson-1: Digital Analytics Foundation

Lesson-2: Overcoming the barriers to implementing analytics

Lesson-3: Tools for carrying out Digital Analytics

Lesson-4: Understanding Data  in Digital Analytics

Lesson-5: Mastering Data Reporting

Lesson-6: Best excel charts for data analysis and reporting

Lesson-7: Understanding Metrics

Lesson-8: Understanding Conversion and Conversion Rate

Lesson-9: Introduction to Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Lesson-10: KPI Examples

Lesson-11: Tracking Metrics and KPIs

Lesson-12: Statistics behind analytics & conversion optimization (Part-1)

Lesson-13: Statistics behind analytics & conversion optimization (Part-2)

Lesson-14: Statistics behind analytics & conversion optimization (Part-3)

Lesson-15: Statistics behind analytics & conversion optimization (Part-4)

BONUS Lesson: Understanding Company Financials

Meet the Instructor: Himanshu Sharma

Hi, I am Himanshu Sharma. I help business owners and marketing professionals in generating more sales and ROI by: fixing their website tracking issues, by helping them understand their true customers purchase journey and by helping them determine the most effective marketing channels for investment.

I do that through 1-on-1 consultation and/or online training program.

My company Optimize Smart is a Google Partner. Google Partners are the experts who have been certified by Google, to manage AdWords and Analytics accounts on behalf of their clients.

I have over 12 years experience in web analytics and digital marketing. I am the author of four best-selling books on analytics and conversion optimization.

I was nominated for ‘digital analytics association awards for excellence’. Digital Analytics Association‘ is a world renowned not-for-profit association which helps organisations overcome the challenges of data acquisition and application.


  • What is this course NOT about?

    This is not a course on business intelligence or data science. There are no chapters on business analytics technologies like: ‘supply chain analytics’, ‘stakeholder management’,‘predictive analytics’, ‘R’ etc. In this course, the focus is mainly on learning web/digital analytics and optimizing the online performance of a business. The focus is on analysing and optimizing any online and offline footprints of a business, as long as they can be measured, classified or categorized and are used to optimize the online performance of a business. Data can also be used to optimize the offline performance of a business and to take wide range of business decisions from operational, strategic to predictive. For that we use other business analytics technologies like: ‘supply chain analytics’, ‘stakeholder management’,‘predictive analytics’ etc. all of which are not web analytics.

  • What do I need to know in advance in order to benefit from this course?

    In order to get the maximum benefit from this course, you need to have a working knowledge of e-commerce. No prior knowledge of maths and statistics is required. This is not a technical course so no prior knowledge of HTML and JavaScript is required.

  • How much time will I need to dedicate to this training each week?

    You can complete this program over whatever timeframe you want. This program is designed to fit in around any schedule because we know that most people have 9-5 jobs or families or busy schedules. So to answer your question, you should allocate at least two hours per week to work through this program. If you can do that then you’re good.

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What Professional Development is worth to you?

I invested US $3000 of my own money to learn web analytics in 2012.

Following is the receipt of the payment I made back in 2012 to learn web analytics directly from ‘Avinash Kaushik’:

Note my monthly payments.

Spending over $1k each month. That was in the year 2012. Some 7 years ago.

Same training today would have cost over US $12,000

Since then I have acquired 10x more knowledge through my own efforts and it is ever increasing.

Had I waited long enough, I may have missed my chance to be coached directly by Avinash, as his company was acquired by ‘Simply Learn’ back in 2015 and he is now, no longer coaching new students.

That’s how people miss opportunities in life. When something is offered to them they don’t grab it straightway.

They think more about the price than the benefits and procrastinate. And when they are finally ready, the opportunity is no longer available.

You would be getting all of this knowledge and expertise for the fraction of the price.

  • Start date: Available now

    Sign up to the digital analytics implementation program and get immediate access to both courses

  • Duration: 8 weeks self paced

    8 weeks is just a guideline. You have lifelong access to the program and can take as long as you need

  • Mode of study: 100% online

    Learn anytime, and from anywhere, with our online interactive virtual learning environment

  • Exam type: Continuous online assessments

    We use online assessments to check your understanding throughout the course

  • Free lifetime access and continuous course updates

    Once you sign up you have lifelong access to up to date study material

  • Prerequisites: Working knowledge of ecommerce

    You don't need an analytics or maths and stats background to complete this course

Learn and master digital analytics and Google Analytics from industry expert in 8 weeks

The digital analytics training course is a 8 weeks online training program with lifetime access to the study material. That means this course has been designed to be completed within 8 weeks but you can choose to complete this course at your own pace.

  • Lifetime access to the course + lifelong FREE course updates

  • Up to date training material

  • New study material added every few weeks (lifelong learning)

  • Interactive assessments to test your learning

  • Learn at your own pace and from any place

  • Your 24/7, 365 days a year reference source

  • Facebook group support (ask questions, get help)

  • Downloadable worksheets