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Digital Analytics Implementation Program is made up of following six courses:

  1. Sales & ROI Accelerator Course 
  2. Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Mastery Course 
  3. GA4 BigQuery Course 
  4. Data, Maths & Stats Mastery Course 
  5. Attribution Modelling Course 
  6. Google Data Studio Mastery Course

#1 Sales & ROI Accelerator Course

The ‘Sales & ROI Accelerator’ course is designed to help you quickly increase your website sales and ROI in a short period of time. 


Here the focus is on creating a strategic road-map for your business and on setting up goals, strategies, KPIs and funnels.  

In this course, I show you step by step, how I optimize websites for sales and other conversions. I will show you step by step:

  • how I interview new clients, 

  • what questions I ask, 

  • how I do product analysis, 

  • market analysis, campaign analysis, competitive analysis etc.

Not only do I show you the steps I follow but I also share the actual worksheets I use in my day to day work. You can download these worksheets and use them straight away. 


>> Gathering Business Intelligence

>> The PERFECT Website Audit 

>> The PERFECT Analytics Audit 

>> Website Usage Analysis 

>> Understanding Customers Purchase Journey 

>> Setting up Goals, Strategies, and KPIs 

>> Building Value ladders and Funnels  

>> Scaling Ads

>> BONUS Module: Copywriting Basics


#2 Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Mastery Course

The GA4 (Google Analytics 4) Mastery course is designed to help you get the most out of Google Analytics 4. Here the focus is on learning and using Google Analytics 4. 


>> Google Analytics 4 Basics (GA4 introduction, the difference between GA4 and GA3, GA4 property, data streams, measurement ID, Event and Parameter measurement model...)

>> GA4 Property Configuration (GA4 account structure, GA4 property creation, Google Signals, connection to Google Ads, Google search console...)

>> GA4 360 (Introduction, Google Marketing Platform, Data limits and freshness, CRM integration, Sub Properties, Roll-up Properties ...)

>> Firebase GA4 (Introduction to Firebase, Firebase Project and Google Cloud, adding firebase to Apple and Android Apps, adding app data streams to GA4 property...)

>> GA4 BigQuery (Introduction to Google BigQuery, connecting GA4 to BigQuery,  Linking GA4 property to BigQuery project, Enabling and Configuring the BigQuery API...)

>> GA4 Server-Side Tracking

>> Referral and Direct Traffic in GA4, GA4 UTM Tracking

>> GA4 Data Filters, GA4 Content Grouping

>> GA4 Events (Introduction, Event Types, Events report, Event Parameters, User Properties, measurement protocol...)

>> GA4 Dimensions and Metrics

>> GA4 tracking setups (cross-domain tracking, Conversion tracking, Scroll Tracking, Site search tracking...)

>> GA4 Audience (custom audience, Audience triggers, Predictive audiences, Predictive metrics, Remarketing audiences...)

>> GA4 Exploration reports (Free form, Funnel exploration, Path exploration, Segment overlap...)

>> GA4 Miscellaneous (Building comparisons, Automated insights, Creating custom insights, Channel groupings, Data sampling...)

>> GA4 Attribution (Introduction to attribution modelling, Understanding Conversions in GA4 Attribution, Conversion Credit distribution, GA4 Attribution Models...)

#3 GA4 BigQuery Course

The GA4 BigQuery course is designed to send and manipulate Google Analytics 4 data in BigQuery. Here the focus is on learning and using BigQuery in the context of GA4.


>> Google BigQuery Basics (What is BigQuery, Advantages of using BigQuery for Google Analytics, Prerequisites for using BigQuery, BigQuery Sandbox, ...)

>> Walkthrough of BigQuery user interface

>> Google BigQuery Cost (Cost of using BigQuery, BigQuery Cost Optimization, Google Cloud pricing calculator...)

>> Google BigQuery Project management (Creating a new project, Switching to a different project, Configure and save data transfer, Enable and configure BigQuery API..)

>> Google BigQuery data sets (BigQuery public datasets, Google Analytics sample dataset for BigQuery…)

>> Sending data from Google Analytics, Google Analytics 4, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Google Search Console, Google Sheets to BigQuery.

>> Querying Google Analytics, Google Analytics 4, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Google Search Console, Google Sheets in BigQuery.

>> Sending custom Google Analytics data to BigQuery

>> SQL Basics (Introduction to SQL, Standard SQL vs Legacy SQL, SQL editor, SQL statements, The structure of a data table...)

>> Case Studies (Retrieving all the columns of a table, Sorting result set in descending order, Sorting result set in ascending order, Using WHERE conditions to retrieve data...)

#4 Data, Maths & Stats Mastery Course

The ‘Data, Maths and Stats Mastery’ course is designed to help you learn the maths and statistics behind digital analytics and conversion optimization in great detail.

So that you can correctly interpret data and make data smart business decisions.


>> Digital Analytics Foundation

>> Overcoming the barriers to implementing analytics

>> Tools for carrying out Digital Analytics

>> Understanding Data in Digital Analytics

>> Mastering Data Reporting

>> Best excel charts for data analysis and reporting

>> Understanding Metrics, Conversion, Conversion Rate, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

>> Tracking Metrics and KPIs

>> Statistics behind analytics & conversion optimization

>> BONUS Module: Understanding Company Financials

#5 Attribution Modelling Course

The Attribution Modelling course is designed to help you implement attribution modelling in your organization.

The objective of attribution modelling is to understand the buying behaviour of your website visitors and to determine the most effective marketing channels for investment. 


>> Attribution Modelling Basics (Introduction, Objectives of attribution, Introduction to attribution issues, attribution modelling and marketing mix modelling, Different categories of attributions...)

>> What to Expect From Attribution 

>> Correct Data Interpretation (The biggest problem of all in web analytics, Top reasons for the misinterpretation of analytics data and reports, ...)

>> Preparation for Attribution Modelling (Developing that great understanding, wide separation between marketing activities, web analytics toolbox, server-side tracking, Google BigQuery...)

>> Channel Grouping, Deep Dive into Direct Traffic, The Referral Exclusion List

>> Google Analytics Campaign Attribution

>> Cross-Device Tracking, Cross-Domain Tracking

>> Roll-up Tracking

>> Online-Offline Conversion Tracking

>> Phone Call Tracking

>> Attribution BETA


#6 Google Data Studio (Looker Studio) Mastery Course

The ‘Google Data Studio Mastery’ course is designed to help you learn and master Google Data Studio.

When you have got a lot of data to analyze (especially big data) you cannot spend days or weeks analyzing thousands or millions of rows of data in Excel spreadsheets …. to find hidden trends and insight. 

You need a tool that allows you to quickly make sense of data, and determine patterns and anomalies which are otherwise….. can be extremely hard to detect in a timely manner. 

This is where data visualization tools like 'data studio' come in handy. Through this tool, you can greatly speed up your data analysis.

Data visualization not only helps in data analysis but also in data retention. 

It helps you to tell meaningful, emotional and engaging stories to key decision-makers. Data Studio can make your data reporting more meaningful and persuasive.


>> Getting Started with Data Studio, Data Sources and Connectors

>> Working with Google Sheets, Working with Report Editor, Working with Tables

>> Scorecards, Time Series

>> Bar Charts, Pie Charts, Geo maps, Line Charts, Area Charts, Scatter Charts, Pivot Tables, Bullet Charts, Treemaps, other report components

>> Community visualizations, Date Range, Filter Control, Data Control, Dashboards

Is this training program right for you?

This training program is for you, if any one or all of the following apply to you:

  • You are struggling to understand the true purchase journey of your customers.

  • You can not determine the most effective marketing channels for investment.

  • You can not scale your marketing efforts and ad spend because you don’t really know what is working and not working in your marketing.

  • You are losing money in paid advertising because you don’t know what is working and where to invest time and money.

  • Your client/boss is not happy with your performance because you are having a hard time proving the ROI of your marketing/ optimization efforts.

  • You are struggling to understand your web analytics reports.

  • You are running A/B tests after A/B tests but it is not resulting in any ‘real lift’ in sales and other conversions.

  • You do not have well defined goals, strategies and KPIs in place for your business/company. You do not have a strategic roadmap for your business.

  • You do not have a proven process and framework in place through which you can scale your business and optimization efforts.

  • Your lack of knowledge and skills are hindering your ability to grow in your business/career.

Meet the Instructor: Himanshu Sharma

(Author of Four Best Selling Books on Digital Analytics & Conversion Optimization)

  • Over 15 years of experience in Digital Analytics and Marketing.

  • Author of four best-selling books on Digital Analytics & Conversion Optimization

  • Nominated for ‘digital analytics association awards for excellence’.

  • Run one of the most popular blogs in the world on digital analytics at optimizesmart.com

  • Consultant to countless small and big businesses over the decade.

OptimizeSmart.com is one of the most visited analytics blogs on the planet. It gets more than a quarter-million visitors a month from all over the world:

Who is Digital Analytics Implementation Program For?

This training program is for you, if you are a:

Marketing Professional (PPC, SEO)

Conversion Optimizer

Web Analyst

Data Scientist

Business owner/Entrepreneur


Complete beginner in web analytics

The BONUSES you get with this training program:

BONUS #1: Done for you Audits + Downloadable Worksheets (Value: $5,998 per month)

I have spent years…. creating and refining my audits and worksheets. This is what I use personally in my day to day work to earn a 6 figures income…. and I am giving all of this to you. You just need to download them……..and fill in the blanks. The price of these audits and worksheets alone is 10x times more than the cost of the entire program.

BONUS #2: Done for you funnels (Value: $2000 per month)

There is a very particular way to build your funnels so that you can make sure that you are getting results. I am going to show you, how to do that.

BONUS #3: Lifetime access to the course with no monthly/annual subscription fees (You save $300 per month

You pay only one time fees for this training program. Unlike others, I don’t believe in charging monthly/annual subscription fees. I won’t boot you out of this program if tomorrow you stopped paying your subscription fees. You get lifetime access. This bonus alone can save you….. thousands of dollars a year.

BONUS #4: New study material added every few weeks. Life long free learning (Value: $500 per month)

Not only you get lifetime access with no subscription fees, but you also get lifetime free course updates. And I add a lot of new content from time to time.

BONUS #5: The Community: Private FB Group (Value: $500 per month)

You would not be alone going through this training. You will get to join the private...members-only Facebook group for networking, for asking questions, for support. We share strategies inside the group. You can meet your peers and mastermind. 

You can directly ask me any question and I will reply back. This is not the training where you come in, go through training, get stuck and feel like there is no way to move forward..... No..... When you come to our Facebook group, you ask questions than myself or my team will get back to you and support you.

People who join our thriving Facebook community….say it's worth the price of admission alone.

BONUS #6: Hundreds of Assessments to test your learning (Value: $700 per month)

I have developed so much content in my career that I do not always remember what I published. So when I look back at my own work, I sometimes get light bulb moments. "Wow, that's useful information, that makes sense. How come I am not implementing it?". So I go through my blog posts, books and courses to freshen things up. 

In the end............ only that information is going to serve you well which you remember in the first place. You are not learning if you can’t remember what you learned. So  "Whoever remembers the most 'win'". The various assessments embedded in this training program...are there... to help you with retaining useful information. 

BONUS Course: Marketing Analytics (Value: $500 per month)

The "Marketing Analytics" course covers the ANALYTICS behind Facebook, Google Ads & Marketing in general. The aim here to make you much more efficient in leveraging Facebook, Google Ads and other marketing data to drive record sales and ROI.

SPECIAL BONUS: Ask me questions directly for free (Value: $3000 per month)

Listen, when I have done private coaching before, it has not been less than $10,000. My hourly rates are pretty high. So if you want time with me, it is not cheap.

But when you join this training program, you can directly ask me any question for free. Imagine getting a life long consulting from me... for no extra charge.

The knowledge that you will acquire through this training will serve you for a lifetime. (Value: Priceless)

The total quantifiable value you get from this training program: $13,498 per month

Join 3000+ digital marketing professionals and analysts

We have students from all over the world.

It does not matter whether or not English is your first language. You will understand the study material.

We have students from dozens of countries where English is not their first language. All these people are successfully taking this course.

If you want, you can translate the course material into your native language.

Following is an example of course material translated into Spanish:

Following is an example of course material translated into French:

If you are visually impaired or prefer to listen, then you also have the option to convert text to speech in your native language.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is this program NOT about?

This is not a course on business intelligence or data science.

There are no chapters on business analytics technologies like: ‘supply chain analytics’, ‘stakeholder management’,‘predictive analytics’, ‘R’ etc.

In this course, the focus is mainly on learning web/digital analytics and optimizing the online performance of a business.

The focus is on analysing and optimizing any online and offline footprints of a business, as long as they can be measured, classified or categorized and are used to optimize the online performance of a business.

Data can also be used to optimize the offline performance of a business and to take wide range of business decisions from operational, strategic to predictive.

For that we use other business analytics technologies like: ‘supply chain analytics’, ‘stakeholder management’,‘predictive analytics’ etc. all of which are not web analytics.

This program is not an academic exercise.


It is not like a school/college certification program where they just teach you the subject, some cool terms but not teach you how to apply it in real life.


It is about getting the end result i.e. generating more sales and ROI by leveraging analytics data.


Every topic covered in this program has something to do directly with your day to day job. 

Q2. What do I need to know in advance in order to benefit from this program?

In order to get the maximum benefit from this program, you need to have a working knowledge of e-commerce.

What i mean by that is, you understand how ecommerce works. That you have made a purchase online. And that you can use the Google search engine, open and send emails, browse internet, etc. If you can’t use computer then this program is definitely not for you.

No prior knowledge of maths and statistics is required.

This is not a technical course so no prior knowledge of HTML and JavaScript is required.

Q3. How much time will I need to dedicate to this training each week?

You can complete this program over whatever time-frame you want. 

This program is designed to fit in around any schedule because we know that most people have 9-5 jobs or families or busy schedules.

So to answer your question, you should allocate at least two hours per week to work through this program. If you can do that then you’re good.

Q4. Will this program work for me?

Why not? This program is working well for hundreds of people from different industries and countries. Why it won’t work for you? If you choose to follow my process, it is 100% going to work for you.

Q5. I am brand new. Will this program work for me? 

This program will absolutely work for you even if you are brand new. If you are a college student, this program can help you tremendously in building your career in digital analytics.

Q6. I have 10+ years experience in digital analytics and marketing. Will this program work for me?

This program will absolutely work for you. It is highly unlikely that you won’t find anything new in this program. We have students with decade of experience in digital marketing, benefiting from this program. Don't let the number of years of experience stop you from learning new skills.

Q7. I am in this _____ industry. Will this program work for me?

Listen, it doesn’t matter what industry you are in. As long as you have set up a website and you want to measure the online performance of your business, this program is going to help you.

Q8. I use Adobe Analytics and not Google Analytics. Will this program still work for me?

Absolutely. This program is on digital analytics and Google Analytics is just one of the tools used to implement digital analytics. You can also use Adobe Analytics to implement digital analytics. So the two courses ‘Sales and ROI Accelerator’ and ‘Data, Maths and Stats mastery’ are still relevant to you. You can choose to skip the ‘Google Analytics Mastery’ course. 

Q9. I run a non-ecommerce website. Will this program work for me?

Absolutely. There is a common misbelief that digital analytics is only helpful for ecommerce websites. In fact, non-ecommerce websites need more analytical insight than ecommerce websites. 

That is because, unlike ecommerce websites, almost all macro conversions (like placing an order) happen offline via phone calls, store visits, on-site visits etc. This makes attributing offline conversions to online marketing activities very difficult and challenging. 

If you are doing marketing for this type of website then you will have a hard time reporting the value you have added to the business bottomline without proving that your online marketing efforts have actually impacted the offline conversions. 

So if you manage or market a non-ecommerce website then the knowledge of digital analytics is extremely important for you.

Q10. English is not my first language. Will I be able to understand the study material?

Yes you will understand the study material. We have students from all over the world. It does not matter whether or not English is your first language. You will understand the study material.

We have students from US, Canada, Mexico, UK, France, Spain, Italy, Finland, Germany, Belgium, Poland, Sweden, Turkey, UAE, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand to as far as China, Japan and South Korea where very few people know English.

We have students from dozens of countries where English is not their first language. All these people are successfully taking this course.

Q11. Do you provide any guarantee?

Yes. Absolutely. We guarantee that if you keep doing what you're doing, you'll get the same results. That's our guarantee. Now, with that said, we also guarantee that our program works. 

Let's just be clear that you should either commit to this program, with the attitude that it's going to work for you fully and completely, or you decide that it's not right for you at this time. If it's not a good fit, that's totally okay. 

But I can assure you this, people who are looking for a reason for something not to work usually find it. This is very true. If someone's really looking at reasons why this isn't going to work, they're going to find it anyway. 

Q12. How long until I see results from this training?

So that totally depends on how quickly you work through the training program and how quickly you take action. Some people get results within the first week of joining the program, others work their way through slowly and it takes longer.

Q13. If I purchase this program now can I start at a later date?

Yes you can. You can purchase right now to secure your seat and lock it in... at the current price and then you can start the program at whatever date you want. You get lifetime access to the study material. You can start this program 10 years from today. But I won’t recommend that : )

But make sure you go ahead and join right now to lock in the current price... as it may not last. We are going to double the course fees pretty soon. You have been warned : )

Q14. Do I have to complete this program in 8 weeks or can I work at my own pace?

You can complete this program over whatever time-frame you want. You can choose to complete this in less than 8 weeks or over the course of one year, that is totally up to you and what works best for you.

Q15. What is the difference between ‘Digital analytics’ and ‘Google Analytics’?

99.99% of course creators themselves don’t know the difference between Digital analytics, Google Analytics (GA) and Google Tag Manager (GTM).

So they are teaching GA and GTM in the name of teaching Digital analytics. They just copy each other. Monkey see, monkey do. 

But Digital analytics is not about GA, GTM. It is about analyzing and interpreting data, setting up goals, strategies and KPIs. It’s about creating strategic roadmap for your business.

Digital Analytics is the core skill. Google Analytics is just a tool used to implement ‘Digital Analytics’. You can also implement ‘Digital analytics’ via other tools like ‘adobe analytics’, ‘kissmetrics’ etc.

Using Google Analytics without the good understanding of ‘Digital analytics’ is like driving around in a car, in a big city without understanding the traffic rules and road signs. You are either likely to end up somewhere other than your destination or get involved in an accident.

You learn data analysis and interpretation from Digital analytics and not from Google Analytics.

The direction in which your analysis will move, will determine the direction in which your marketing campaigns and eventually your company will move to get the highest possible return on investment. You get that direction from ‘Digital analytics’ and not from ‘Google Analytics’.

You learn to set up KPIs, strategies and measurement framework for your business from ‘Digital analytics’ and not from ‘Google Analytics’.

So if you are taking a course only on 'Digital Analytics’, you are learning to use one of the tools of ‘Digital analytics’. You are not learning the ‘Digital analytics’ itself.

Since any person can learn to use Google Analytics in couple of weeks, you do no get any competitive advantage in the marketplace just by knowing GA. You need to know lot more than GA in order to work as a Digital Analyst.

However here is the good news. This training program also include a course on Google Analytics.

Q16. What is the difference between Digital Analytics and Conversion Optimization?

Digital Analytics is the core discipline. Conversion optimization is one of the application of Digital analytics.

Digital Analytics is like grammar and words, and conversion optimization is the language based on that grammar. So if you try to speak conversion optimization without knowing the grammar, you are going to speak it all wrong.

So for a start, you could be saying conversion ‘rate’ optimization all this time. When the proper name is ‘conversion optimization’ (and there is a good reasoning behind that).

In fact, you can run A/B tests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and still won’t see any improvement in sales if you don’t understand the statistics behind such tests.

Data sampling issues, underpowered hypothesis, statistical significance issues, underpowered tests, overpowered tests, poor data sample, confounding variables etc can easily skew your test results and give you imaginary lifts which will never translate into actual sales.

Digital analytics is about analyzing and interpreting data, setting up goals, strategies and KPIs. It’s about creating strategic roadmap for your business. Its about the maths and stats.

Conversion optimization deals with on site optimization where Digital page designs are evaluated and optimized for conversions through ‘voice of customers analysis’.

As such, conversion optimization is a subset of Digital analytics.

If you are strong in Digital analytics but weak in conversion optimization, you can still do well. But if you are weak in Digital analytics, you are destined to fail in conversion optimization.


Because you lack a basic understanding of how data works, how number and ratio metrics work, how to analyze and interpret data.

You won’t understand data sampling issues, you won’t understand statistical significance issues with ratio metric like conversion rate.

Then anything you do in conversion optimization is not based on maths and stats but the best practices borrowed from other optimizers.

What separates one optimizer from the other, is actually the interpretation of data. How they read the data and gather insight to drive sales.

Any person can learn to do A/B testing in a couple of hours. But that does not mean they can actually benefit from it. Because poor data interpretation results in poor insight.

What Professional Development is worth to you?

I invested US $3000 of my own money to learn web analytics in 2012.

Following is the receipt of the payment I made back in 2012 to learn web analytics directly from ‘Avinash Kaushik’:

Note my monthly payments.

Spending over $1k each month. That was in the year 2012. Some 7 years ago.

Same training today would have cost over US $12,000

Since then I have acquired 10x more knowledge through my own efforts and it is ever increasing.

Had I waited long enough, I may have missed my chance to be coached directly by Avinash, as his company was acquired by ‘Simply Learn’ back in 2015 and he is now, no longer coaching new students.

That’s how people miss opportunities in life. When something is offered to them they don’t grab it straightway.

They think more about the price than the benefits and procrastinate. And when they are finally ready, the opportunity is no longer available.

You would be getting all of this knowledge and expertise for the fraction of the price.

Think in terms of ROI

You can recover the entire cost of your training in a few weeks.

You would need just one client from the western world to recover the entire cost of this training regardless of where you live on this planet.

Here is how you do that step by step:

#1 Create your profile on upwork.com

#2 Start bidding on projects related to Google Analytics and conversion optimization.

#3 Charge $10 per hour.

#4 Work for 150 hours. It would take around 2-3 weeks.

#5 150 hrs. * $10/hr. = $1500 (you recovered the entire cost of your training)

Check out what other people are charging for projects related to analytics and conversion optimization: 

But what if you work in-house and don't want to run a business and get clients?

Just ask your boss or company to pay for this program. In this way, you get this program for FREE.

- If all this program did for you was help you prove the ROI of your marketing and optimization efforts to your client/boss - Would It Be Worth the investment?

- If all this program did for you was stop you losing thousands of dollars in advertising each month for the foreseeable future - Would It Be Worth the investment?

- If all this did for you was to let you download all my audits and worksheets which I use personally in my day to day work to earn a 6 figures income - Would It Be Worth the investment?

  • Start date: Available now

    Sign up to the digital analytics implementation program and get immediate access to all courses.

  • Duration: 8 weeks self paced

    8 weeks is just a guideline. You have lifelong access to the program and can take as long as you need.

  • Mode of study: 100% online

    Learn anytime, and from anywhere, with our online interactive virtual learning environment.

  • Exam type: Continuous online assessments

    We use online assessments to check your understanding throughout the course.

  • Free lifetime access and continuous course updates

    Once you sign up you have lifelong access to up to date study material.

  • Prerequisites: Working knowledge of ecommerce

    You don't need an coding or maths and stats background to complete this course.